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Welcomeat our professional packshot solution

3D-Photocreator is the affordable solution for creating packshots. Never before has it been this easy and user-friendly, with the 3D-Photocreator you’ll get a professional result with your own photo camera. Faye explains in the short video above how it all works.

Click on the picture above and move your mouse to turn the Audi by hand.
The above shown images have not been edited, they’ve only been reduced in size!

LightingThe right lighting makes the difference

Making extraordinary recordings is not only a matter of patience, but also depends on a good setup. The lighting is extremely important if you want to achieve professional results. Two methods are used for this form of product photography. The first method is by using a flash set or daylight lighting set.

The type of lamp, the amount of light and the color that it produces plays a crucial role in photography.

The wrong type of lighting can cause a yellow or blue discoloration on your recordings. This will cause the background to be anything but a crisp white. The right daylight lamps give off an even white light, which results in the perfect still picture. You don’t even need to edit your photos afterwards.

We provide the right lighting in the starter kit so that you can get to work immediately. If you order a jumpstart, we will help you with the setup on your location.